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With explosively fun demonstrations, Chemistry All Around You is an exciting, engaging and at times very loud presentation available to Alberta teachers and their students! Delivered by two Edmonton based volunteers, the program provides content that goes beyond what teachers could reasonably and safely show their students in a classroom setting. Presentations are held in school gymnasiums for groups of up to3 50 students. The experiments and demonstrations are tailored to be age appropriate for students from grades 3 to 12 with up to 3 or 4 consecutive grades attending a presentation together.

Each presentation includes science curriculum content from many grades and the presenters will customize content for each audience. Topics covered include the properties of solids, liquids and gases, the composition of our atmosphere, the concepts of freezing, melting, evaporation and sublimation, the unique properties of polymers, the fluorescence of selected chemicals, the reactivity of common substances such as sea salt, flour and soda to other everyday materials and chemical compounds. And most importantly how these chemical reactions occur in the world “All Around You”.

Depending on individual school situations and teacher needs the presentation can be from 45 to 90 minutes long. Although presentations are prioritized for Edmonton area schools, ASN volunteers often take the program on the road for two to four days stints. There is no cost to Edmonton area schools. For more distant locations a travel reimbursement is required and can be discussed in advance. A minimum of 100 students is required because of the amount of resources required to deliver this presentation (but exceptions can be made for special cases).

“His presentations certainly have enhanced the understanding of chemistry for our students…students are able to recognize applications between theory, and practical applications in industry and technology.” – high school Department Head of Science

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Newton .