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Chemistry All Around You

With explosively fun demonstrations, Chemistry All Around You is a presentation for groups of 100-200 students, with a focus on children and youth in grades 5-12.

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Drawing on the knowledge that students already have about science, the presentation demonstrates the flammability of gases; the concept of sublimation; the unique properties of polymers; the fluorescence and unique colours of select chemicals; and the reactivity of common substances such as sea salt and cola drinks to other everyday materials and chemical compounds. Students participate actively in demonstrations and ask and answer questions throughout the 1.5-hour session.

Chemistry All Around You is offered by Edmonton-based volunteers Dr. Lucio Gelmini and Dr. Roy Jensen. Edmonton area schools can request a presentation throughout the school year. After successful presentations in central and southern Alberta schools in May 2014, the Alberta Science Network is seeking grant funding to extend this program to northern Alberta, with repeat visits to select central and southern Alberta communities. Check back in January 2015 to find out more about our plans to take Chemistry All Around You on the road!

“His presentations certainly have enhanced the understanding of chemistry for our students…students are able to recognize applications between theory, and practical applications in industry and technology.” – high school Department Head of Science

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Newton .