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ASN recognizes our outstanding volunteers in many ways. Read more about them here and on our Volunteer Profiles page.

Lifetime Achievement Award  |  Anita Rossall Award  |  E.R. Ward Neale Award

Lifetime Achievement Award - read more about this award →

Godfrey Nowlan Ph.D.

Godfrey Nowlan, Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented to exceptional volunteers who have filled multiple roles within the society, who exemplify the society’s values and who have shown commitment for at least 10 years. Godfrey Nowlan, Co-Founder and First President Calgary Science Network, Scientists & Engineers in-the-Classroom Volunteer and Workshop Presenter became the first recipient at CSN's 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Anita Rossall Award - read more about this award →

Recipient 2014 Lucio Gelmini Ph.D.

Lucio Gelmini at a Chemistry all Around You presentation

E. R. Ward Neale Award - read more about this award and previous recipients →

Recipient 2016 - Kimmee Fisher P.Eng.

Kimmee accepting the Ward Neale Award 2016

This year we are proud to acknowledge Kimmee Fischer as an outstanding volunteer with the Ward Neale Award.

Kimmee has her P. Eng. and specializes in electrical engineering. Currently she works as a project manager with ATCO Electric.

Kimmee has wanted to be a teacher since grade 3. However, circumstances lead to her following another passion resulting in her being a practicing electrical engineer today. Kimmee registered with ESON (one of ASN’s predecessors) in 2013. Kimmee has been a unique volunteer right from the start. While most new presenters start with one unit, Kimmee was so enthusiastic, driven, and talented that she developed 4 (!) brand new presentations in her first year with us, covering gr 1 Building Things, gr 2 Magnetism, gr 5 Electricity & Magnetism, and gr 9 Electrical principals & Technologies. Since she started 3 years ago, she has given 46 presentations, reaching 1764 students!

This is enough to be recognized as a special volunteer, but there is more! Kimmee has also presented 2 Teacher Workshops, of which one was for Treaty 8 teacher. Without exception, Kimmee has received excellent feedback during her volunteering with us.

Finally, we feel Kimmee’s drive for outreach goes beyond regular volunteerism because she has regularly brought co-presenters to the classroom to not only enrich the experience for students, but to also expose more potential volunteers to science outreach. She has even dragged her husband to the classroom to share his expertise on electricity. Outside of ASN Kimmee is the founder of, and driving force behind, an organization called FIRE which promotes females in the field of engineering at ATCO Electric.

In conclusion, Kimmee is an incredible volunteer, presenter, and educator. Both ASN and students in and around Edmonton are lucky to have her around.

“You never know which student in the class may be taking their very first steps toward a career in Science.”
John Cox, ASN volunteer and Chair of Earth Sciences Mount Royal University.

“It is immensely rewarding to be able to share knowledge with others. As a Scientist & Engineers-in-the-Classroom volunteer, ASN has afforded me many unique and memorable opportunities."
Dave Fowlow, ASN volunteer.