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Online resources

Science Sites for: Educators, Kids, Science Fair Sites, Science Organizations

Science Sites for Educators - virtual labs, school programs, field trips and other resources

  • EarthNet - a virtual earth science resource centre (Canadian K-12)
  • Geoscapes - explaining the landscapes, earth and water resources, and natural hazards of Canadian communities.
  • Inglewood Wildlands - excellent teacher resources for Environmental Chemistry (elementary, Junior High and Secondary materials). This local site is open for studying the transition from an industrially contaminated site to a natural wildland. (Education program/resources)
  • Kananaskis Country - Environmental Education Programs, run out of Fish Creek Provincial Park
  • Science Is... - Calgary-based, educational science tools, toys, equipment & supplies
  • Schoolkids doing Science - published by the Royal Society and written by school children who conducted the research. This will make your day!
  • Space School - a hub for teachers to share a passion for space and the contributions that Canada is making.
  • Waste and Recycling - links to High School curriculum from the City of Calgary, Waste and Recycling Services


Science Sites for Kids - activities, contests and events

  • Future Energy Systems - NEW Learning resources from the University of Alberta,
    including lab tours, storytimes with worksheets, mini research talks for kids with worksheets, ask an energy expert videos and much more. New content is being produced each month.

Science Fair Sites - how to choose a topic, student and teacher guides

Science Organizations - careers information, mentorship programs, outreach