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E.R. Ward Neale Award 2019
Mike Smith Ph.D., P.Eng.

Robbie Halonen, Ward Neale Award recipient 2019

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2018
Robbie Halonen Ph.D.

Robbie Halonen, Ward Neale Award recipient 2018

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2017
Alex Diaz


Alex Diaz, Ward Neale Award recipient 2017

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2016
Kimmee Fisher P.Eng.


Kimmee Fisher, Ward Neale Award recipient 2016

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2015
Nelson Epp P.Eng., M.Sc., P.E.


Nelson Epp, Ward Neale Award recipient 2015

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2014
Chris Podetz P.Eng.

Chris Podetz, Ward Neale Award 2014

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2013
Brian Jackson and Don Hladkiuk

Don Hladiuk, Ward Neale Award Brian Jackson, Ward Neale Award 2013

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2012
Brian Briggs M.Ed.

Brian Briggs, Ward Neale Award 2012

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2011
Peter Wright Ph.D.

Peter Wright, Ward Neale Award

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2010
Lisa Dahlseide and David Fowlow

Lisa Dahlseide, Ward Neale Award David Fowlow, Ward Neale Award 2010

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2009
Alexander McCracken Ph.D.

Sandy McCracken, Ward Neale Award

E.R. Ward Neale Award 2008
Marilyn Mooibroek Ph.D.

Ward Neale Award 2008

Ward Neale, Ph.D., F.R.S.C., O.C. July 3, 1923 - May 20, 2008

Ward Neale

Ward was a co-founder of Calgary Science Network and with typical humility, became the society's first past-president in 1989. He inspired many others to become involved in science outreach and played a leading role in CSN's initiatives with Treaty 7 science fairs and workshops. He remained active and was an honorary member of CSN. Ward's leadership, guidance, and wit have had a huge impact on both CSN and the many individuals who were fortunate to work with him.

Ward was a distinguished scientist and consulting geologist, widely recognized for his many services to the advancement of earth sciences in Canada. He has made a significant contribution to the public appreciation of science and to the international geoscience community.

Our friend and mentor will be greatly missed.

Read more about Ward's accomplishments at

In Ward's honour ASN (formerly CSN) is pleased to announce the creation of the E.R. Ward Neale Memorial Award for Volunteer Contribution to ASN, to remember and honour Ward's dedication and large amounts of personal time he gave to our society.

The award is presented annually to a volunteer who upholds the values that Ward helped create and sustain for over 20 years.